Perfume Testing/Smelling Paper Strips (Size 2.5cm x 12 cm)

Perfume Testing/Smelling Paper Strips (Size 2.5cm x 12 cm)

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These Premium perfume/essential oil test strips are unmarked and perfect for testing oil, perfume scents and for testing the potential loss of smell. You can use them to make your own blends or to get a more accurate smell of your other oils/perfumes/scents/fragrances. Just dip one end of the strip into the oil (or put 2-3 drops on it) for perfume apply 2-3 sprays and let it sit for a few seconds. You then hold the strip close to the nose and take a short whiff. Use the other end of the strip to write down which oil / perfume it is so you don't forget or get them mixed up. 

These strips are made from pure pulp with cotton for good absorbing capacity, its is 300gsm thick for sturdiness, elemental chlorine free and acid free. Made in Italy

Each Strip is 2.5cm x 12 cm in size. 

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