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Thank you for dropping by, and showing interest in our products.

Im Ankita, 

1. Mother of 2

2. Electronics Engineer

3. Ex Software Tester

4. Black Belt in Karate

5. Nutritionist

6. Home Maker

And now an Entrepreneur, well Mom's can do it too, you know.

Good quality candles resonated with me and I started experimenting 2-3 years back for my own use, to relieve me of anxiety and make my personnel space more serene and beautiful, then came corona, and in all these times my love for candle and Soywax & Beeswax only grew and I decided to start up (why not?)

I aim to empower myself and other women I come in touch with, obviously the interested ones, and build a platform which will be mutually inclusive in growth and support for all who associate with us.

Thank you

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A brand of "Velvet Flames, Fragrances & Decor"